Palm Tree Removal Cost

Palm Tree Removal Cost In Adelaide

Once you’ve established that palm tree removal is required on your residential or commercial property, your next question is most likely ‘how much will removal of my palm tree cost?’ Each palm removal job is different, and each has a number of contributing factors that will determine the cost of your palm removal project.

Palm Tree Size

The size of the palm that requires removal will help us determine the cost. Larger palms often require a higher number of workers as well as specialist machinery, in order to remove the tree safely and securely.

Site Access

Access to the site is an important variable that will determine the cost of tree removal. This refers to the distance from the base of the tree through to our required machinery and equipment. Also including the tree distance to surrounding buildings and structures, and whether branches are overhanging the usable drop zone.

Ease of access can also reduce the cost of the palm tree removal. This is because the tree can be brought down quicker, as well as reducing clean up and debris removal time.

Condition of The Tree

A Tree’s type and condition can affect the cost of removal in different ways. Firstly, some types of palms are protected and require council approval to remove. Our professional team will advise you about the rules in your area and help organise your council application.

Secondly, the condition of a tree may also affect the cost to remove it. Healthier Palms may prove to take more time and effort, compared to a tree that is dead, dying or hollow.

If you’re asking yourself ‘how much will removal of my palm tree cost?’ All aspects will be taken into consideration at the time of your free quote. Call the Adelaide Palm Tree Removal team today!

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